Butter’s groovy pop tunes are the perfect addition to the Portland music scene; a place where every artist seems to quickly hone in on their own unique sound. The songs on the EP are fun, and just as bright as the colorful blue and yellow artwork surrounding the release.

When talking about their debut EP, Butter said:

“The songs on this EP are the first we ever wrote as a band. They reflect where we were as a young band in a new city navigating unfamiliar relationships and experiences.

Recording started in the middle of a whirlwind of playing shows and tours—as well as a literal snowstorm—with an incredibly talented community of musicians. Getting to work in Trash Treasury Studios here in Portland with our friend Chris Ward behind the board made for a dream situation, and having a superb mastering technician in Adam Gonsalves was the perfect finishing touch.

For us, looking back on this project only fuels more excitement about the future.”


- Cassie Wilson